Chris Sandy is a dynamic college speaker and author. Important topics he addresses are alcohol awareness, DUI prevention, suicide prevention, learning how and why you ask for help (counseling, friends, parents), choices and consequences, and the importance of not giving up on life.  Chris has presented this live presentation in over 40 different states and spoken to over a million students, parents, educators, and military service members nationwide. Chris' unique ability to connect with college students provides an opportunity to share a message that matters to his audience.  If you want a college presentation that will impact the lives of your students, you have found one of the best messengers in the country. We offer a couple of options for our presentations at Universities, so if want information on the cost, available dates, and options, let us know.  Below is some additional information on Chris' life and experiences.

Chris is the author of the book “Enduring Regret: Two Different Stories of Drunk Driving, Two Very Different Prisons”. College students really enjoy the book. Chris Sandy was featured in the Double EMMY Award Winning Television Documentary “Enduring Regret: Chris Sandy’s Living Life After Causing Death”.  Chris' book and dvd are being used nationwide in high school classrooms and college events for alcohol awareness.

Chris uses his life journey to connect with college students about choices and consequences, perseverance, and hope. Chris’ mission is to motivate his audience to accomplish goals, overcome adversity, and make choices matter! A college presentation is typically 50 minutes with interactive audience participation, speaking, pictures, and one on one questions at the end. College presentations require a large screen, projector, hand held microphone, and a chair. 

College students are faced with a lot of stress, new freedoms, and responsibilities. Chris has spoken to a variety of groups on campuses across the country such as student athletes,  student life groups, Greeks, and especially freshman orientation. We feel it is important for everyone to try their best at encouraging and mentoring students to make good choices, because life is sometimes busy, stressful, and unfair, and coping with life the wrong way can ruin your dreams and cause regret. Chris Sandy enjoys the opportunity to connect with college students and will give a lot of helpful advice throughout his presentation. Chris explains why you do not give up on life, how trying harder in life makes a difference, and realizing how much choices matter. His presentation will tug at the hearts of all audiences, while motivating them to do better in life. We want college students to succeed and this presentation will help on their journey to success and remind them of the consequences to making bad choices.