Prom Presentation


Chris Sandy is a motivational speaker and author who has traveled to over 40 different states and spoken to over a million students nationwide. Chris' message is ideal for pre-prom assemblies especially since Teens have a tendency to engage in high risk behaviors during this time year. Every school and parent wants Prom to be fun, safe, and full of great memories. Chris is very passionate, honest, and engaging about his life because he cares about Teens and their choices.

As a messenger, Chris shares his story of how one night at a party turned into a lifetime of regret. Chris' choice to drink with his friends and try drive to another party had devastating consequences. His choice to drink and drive resulted in two deaths, unbearable pain to families and friends, and 3,117 days in prison.

Chris teaches powerful life lessons through his experiences that show why "Choices Matter", whether its choices at prom, school, or at home. Chris' life journey shows Teens how choices impact their lives, their families,  and their friends. The more Teens understand the importance of their choices the better choices they will make.

Chris is the author of the book “Enduring Regret: Two Different Stories of Drunk Driving, Two Very Different Prisons”. He was also featured in the Double EMMY Award Winning Television Documentary “Enduring Regret: Chris Sandy’s Living Life After Causing Death”.