2017 has a lot to offer. We are currently working with Alliance Sports Marketing on speaking engagements in Connecticut. Our goal is to reach 40 high schools. Our partnership is funded and supported by the Connecticut Office of Highway Safety and CT DOT. If you live in Connecticut this is how you can connect: http://www.choicesmatterconnecticut.com/information.html

This years campaign and our focus is Choices Matter. Whether it is a student in college or high school, it is important to show them how choices matter and why choices matter. I will always have an emphasis on Drinking and Driving Prevention, but students face more issues than just drinking. Through my life experience, I have the opportunity to teach them about perseverance, helping others, connecting, and how to hold on to hope to move forward.

No one can change the past, but we all can help continue to carve out the future. We do it by connecting and seeing the importance of making choices matter. My life experience also provides some insight on how to seek out help from counselors and to help with suicide prevention.

I am hopeful to have the opportunity to connect with your school in 2017!