Fall of 2017-Chris Sandy

This fall is getting more exciting as each week passes. I continue to learn from professors, teachers, student, and mentors what is trending in the actions and thoughts of students towards presentations. This is important to be aware of as a speaker. Knowing your audience helps you connect better to be a more dynamic speaker.  

You still have hazing in colleges induced by alcohol binge drinking, DUI's, and an assortment of alcohol related accidents. Teens are still being bullied and feeling insignificant. Presentations and programs are very important at this time to the thave opportunity to help students see the real world and what real world consequences does to everyone.  All presentations should follow up with positive outcomes to restore help in the many people who feel helpless.

Make your choice matter, love each other, and live life!

What's in store for 2017

2017 has a lot to offer. We are currently working with Alliance Sports Marketing on speaking engagements in Connecticut. Our goal is to reach 40 high schools. Our partnership is funded and supported by the Connecticut Office of Highway Safety and CT DOT. If you live in Connecticut this is how you can connect: http://www.choicesmatterconnecticut.com/information.html

This years campaign and our focus is Choices Matter. Whether it is a student in college or high school, it is important to show them how choices matter and why choices matter. I will always have an emphasis on Drinking and Driving Prevention, but students face more issues than just drinking. Through my life experience, I have the opportunity to teach them about perseverance, helping others, connecting, and how to hold on to hope to move forward.

No one can change the past, but we all can help continue to carve out the future. We do it by connecting and seeing the importance of making choices matter. My life experience also provides some insight on how to seek out help from counselors and to help with suicide prevention.

I am hopeful to have the opportunity to connect with your school in 2017!  



A new beginning!


Welcome to the new website. We have been working on this projector for awhile and it is finally here. We did not update anything for the last 7 years because there was no need to, but I am turning over a new leaf in life and wanted to offer everyone something new and fresh. 

The past 7 years has been an adventure. I probably started getting to a point in my life where I did not like my job or my life. Living with my choice has been very difficult, but I finally sought help through a great counselor and feel so good about life. Does it mean everything is perfect? No way! But, I do feel better about my self and I love my job. I cannot believe that I have been able to turn this horrible experience into a message. There have been lots of people in my life who have helped me along the way and who continue to help me. Having a support system in life is so important.

I have learned a lot speaking to over a million students over the past 7 years and traveling to over 35 states visiting hundreds of schools. It's a journey that has taken me through very tough times, challenges, and successes, that I now share with students and people all over the country to help them on there journey. All you have to do is be willing to connect with others, open your heart, and listen to the message. 2016 was good, but 2017 has some amazing things in store and we haven't even made it there yet.

Hopefully I get the opportunity to connect with your students, teachers, service members, or employees. Remember......our choices matter!